Frequently Asked Questions


Why should you get a ccw permit?


There are several reasons that a person might want a CCW permit. This is a personal choice that comes with great responsibility. You need to think seriously about your decision to carry a firearm as it may put you into a position where you need to use it. Some people aren't comfortable with this thought and it's important to make a clear determination on the matter.

I support every law abiding citizens right to own and carry a firearm. I also respect those who choose not to. Owning a firearm comes with a lot of responsibility and carrying one comes with even more.

Ultimately the reasoning behind your desire to carry a firearm is something you need to decide on for yourself. If you decide to pursue a CCW permit I encourage you to do so responsibly and to seek out as much training as you can.  


What are the requirements for a ccw?


Each county/city has different requirements. It is up to the Sheriff/Chief of Police to set the standards for which they require a citizen to meet. Some of the universal requirements that exist include a clean criminal history and no drug use. I encourage you to research your counties/cities requirements as soon as possible. You can easily access them through your local Sheriff's Office/Police Department’s website.

Here are a couple of links to get you started.

Tehama County:

Shasta County: