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CCW Classes:

The Intial CCW class is priced at  $175.00.  This includes 8 hours of class room instruction and 4 hours of range time. The student is responsible for providing their own firearm, holster and ammunition. The student is required to bring a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition but it is recommended the he/she bring 200 rounds. The firearm must be in good, working and safe condition. All firearms will be inspected prior to being used (Please note that as of January 1st 2019 all CCW applicants must qualify with the firearm being put on their permit). The student is also required to bring appropriate range safety gear that includes eye protection and ear protection. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.  If you have any questions please e-mail us at for further information.

The CCW Renewal class is priced at $85.00. This includes 4 hours of classroom instruction and 4 hours at the range. As of January 1st 2019 the State of California is requiring that each CCW holder qualify with the firearm(s) that are listed on the permit.



NRA Training:

We offer NRA basic pistol and NRA basic rifle training through the National Rifle Association. Each class if approximately 8 hours long and includes a range qualification.  For more information and pricing please contact us and we will assist you. 

Advanced Handgun Training:

Our advanced handgun training is approx. 6 hours long and is priced at $100.00. The class includes lecture as well as a dynamic course of fire. Due to the advanced nature of this course it is required that the student have a solid foundation of shooting fundamentals and safety. This is usually attained through either the NRA basic pistol course or a sanctioned CCW/pistol training course. Each student will need to bring their own handgun and holster. The handgun will be inspected prior to the start of training to ensure it is in good, working and safe condition. The student is required to bring a minimum of 500 rounds of ammunition for their firearm. All range safety gear will need to be provided by the student. We will have extra equipment if needed but the shooter should be prepared. For any questions please e-mail us at


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